So we got mr. “AK” Adam Keewatin. What you have here is a known women beater. He beat my best friends sister so bad she wasnt recognizable. He used to claim Alberta Warriors and throughout his crimes and jail sentences he turned into a check in and rat. Most recently he was checked in in drumheller and ratted our boy Parsonz out. So what ya got here is a meth head, junkie, whose claim to fame is Northside. He is a wanna be Northside the real northside is Jay Northside aka Jay Tonner. Mr. AK sporting his prison tattoos which only helped him with the positive DRDtest he received. Not only DRD the amount of ladies who have contracted drds from this super non shallant hood rat is sad. Beware ladies and gentlemen of this so called gangster. He will try and real you in with his son stories he has seven kids and doesnt see any of them. Hes a dead beat drug addict who has never held a job and has never held down his own home. His favorite thing is the welfare system n food banks. Got to act gangster some how mr. Keewatin. A quick Google search will identify lots about him. Only violent against women, and all the hidden sexual assault charges that he fails to disclose to everyone. Come on Adam, Sienna has exposed your sick hurtin a55.