Yeah just so you know everything Amanda lee McDougall is saying about Billie Jean is a lie you see Amanda is jealous because I have what she wants a home a good husband to be ..where she is sloring herself out for 30.00$ to fat old men ..I am 51 and my husband to be is 32 and loves me just the way I am HONEST..SPEAKS MY MIND..AMANADA HOWS THE SYPHILIS DOING THATS NOW INCURABLE..DONT FUK WITH ME AMANDA …her and I have not been friends for the last 6 years because she slept with my now ex feance moved in to his home as his gf then moved her bf in saying he was her GAY FRIEND and was caught fuking him..See Amanda ain’t no angel ..northern am I but I don’t go around till now sayin sht I have so much more I could say but I love her kids no matter if they hate me cause of her lies.. Billie Jean Ps that’s Amanda and me In the pic Amanda’s on the right the one with all the makeup on