Carly Micole Mack is about 25 years old, lives in Kingwood Texas. She’s a desperate Side b1tch that intruded into a known marriage for at least 8 months. She met both people in the marriage and began an affair with one of them. She would come to their house and be around their children. She crept around and made sure to constantly talk to the married spouse and cross physical lines constantly. She pretends not to know what she’s doing wrong. She was lonely, fat and needed anyone that would take her. Still living with her parents. Watch out for this hoe! She’s in a relationship now. Hey, Carly…watch out for your new boo. You may just get your karma! You desperate hoe. You’re lucky I didn’t see you in person after I found out. Ask the other desperate b1tch and my stupid a55 spouse what I did to them? Lol.