This is gonna be a long one so get the popcorn out …These two have made the ppl around them so sick and tired of their bullsh1t I guess I was the only one who had the balls to do it up on the dirty…let’s start with Dean who has been a dead beat dad to his daughter who has needed his help too get out of an abusive relationship but Daddy was to to busy trying to get his d1ck wet with his exes family in the laundry room and obsessive traits towards his ex in laws…dean goes on POF in Edmonton Edmonton and portrays himself as divorced NOT working NOT and looking for a relationship and hasn’t been in a relationship NOT ! He’s looking for his next women to sukker don’t trust him you’ll get him a job hell full his bosses wives co-workers wives his gfds friends anyone and anything because he NEEDS to get his d1ck wet consistently he’s a sex addicts that will eventually show his true colors he’s an alcoholic drug addict usses meth and crack and blow with his drug dealing 25 year old son …he thinks this is normal …he’ll get u to meet him at Franco’s at Vic because his tit is right behind that pub…his mother enables this lifestyle all the while fostering yes fostering two young children in the home …she allows these how’s to come in and out like I said the tit!!! Dean will claim not to be in a relationship yet he was just with a woman for almost two years and multiple times cheated on her …he’s in a dream world of his own of Bruce Lee and superheroes he thinks he’s a ninja seriously!!! He thinks he can will women to do what h wants …he once got a drd and said he didn’t see a doctor and willed it away…he’s been in a relationship with this woman it ended at the end of March due to his infidelity and laziness…he hasn’t worked in 4 years so if he tells u he has a job it’s all horse c0cky!!! He claims to be straight but tries to hook up with men on POF and enjoys anyone sticking fingers up his a55….if u get into it with him use a condom he’ll try not to because well it’s kinda hard to put those sukkers on something that’s not there…he’ll say hell do this and that but will never follow through…he will ALWAYS go running back to his exes or exlays especially this Marmie Quinney because she’s a rez dog and Rez dogs like other Rez dogs and will lay with anything!!!! Not only has he done this to his recent ex but to his wife of 13 years they r separated but not divorced…he has no $ to do it ..the phone he has was purchased by another sukker he met on POF who he also used and abused… actually I’m shocked he’s not on here already…hes slept with floozys and everything else while he was in this last relationship and the only reason she s not being suckered like the others is because she’s smart af and caught him red handed he’s telling everyone she wants him back but that is not the case..she gave Everything to him absolutely everything a man would want from a woman especially sexually but that was not enough for this selfish bastard!!! His ex baby momma killed herself years ago because of everything mentioned here …beware of him he wouldn’t get blood tests done with his most recent ex because like I said he thinks in one of his puny heads he can will anything away!!! BTW he has absolutely nothing to offer these women nothing!!! except lies deciet drds and an empty bank account!!nothing but toxic energy!!!!