I met these 2 creepers while they were “campaigning” a while back at a bar. They use campaigning as a front to picking up chicks, which is funny since Mike Butler has a gf (blondie in the photo), but I guess they’re swingers, so that’s ok. I came across thier profile on Tinder together and almost gagged. Wannabe mayor was so creepy at the bar asking me if I ever have 3somes and if I’d ever like to be in one. Now, I’m an open minded person, but no way would I ever sleep with him or his ugly ass gf. It wasn’t until I saw Sam’s post the other day that I felt compeled to post this. If you see them on the campaign trail, f**king run, because they’ll try to get into your pants. Edmonton, don’t vote these creepy ass guys into office! You’re better than this!