The Worst Gold Diggers Author – This is about Edwin aka Ed Mendence. I am his ex-wife and I’m posting on here to state that Ed has harassed me on multiple occasions falsely accusing me of posting him on this website prior in which I have not. He has falsely blamed me for it ruining his reputation. If I’m going to do something I won’t do it in secret. I divorced Ed over 17 years ago. I have moved on and I’m re-married. I believe Ed has tried ruining my reputation to others stating it was me who did the prior posts of him in which he paid to have taken down. Yes Ed knew I was a “Sugar Baby” in fact, it excited him because he is (in my opinion) a perverted sex addict. Yes he was very demanding I wear sexy shoes, sexy lingerie and prance and pose for him. He would emotionally abuse me to try to get me to do sexual things with him I did not want to do. Yes he introduced me to Crystal meth and he bought it and smoked it out of lightbulbs. He also liked pepsi. He was such a narcissist and would turn everyone against me using his accolades in the work place and false image in church and my past against me so others would believe him over me. I reported to our church bishop he was trying to give me drugs in order to get me high so I’d do perverted things. He denied it go the bishop making me look crazy. Nobody believed me what was truly going on. Narcissistic people like Ed are good at turning everyone against you. He’d flirt with other women right in front of me. I had a nervous break down due yo his lies and manipulation along with emotional abuse. I’m posting this to state it was NOT me who made prior posts of Ed. But it is me posting this now. If I fo something I own it so I’m setting the record straight. Ed has gone through multiple women since me. He’s phoned me telling me horrible things about his Ex wife suing her sister saying she’s greedy etc in which I stood up for her because I went through what she did. He’s phoned me saying Maribella is jealous snd fat that’s why he left her. He said he left Lori because she won’t leave him alone and that Tracy had all sorts of issues etc. I won’t post what else publicly but the common denominator is Ed. Ed, please stop blaming me when you obviously have many exes. I’m now posting so you have a legitimate reason to say I posted you. Go find the original culprit because prior posts weren’t me. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, You know the truth. I can’t write so much more but I’m not out to ruin you.