I invited this girl to visit us from Austria in 2012. We took her in, fed her from our table, took her to Six Flags and treated her like family. Three days after she left my husband went to jail. I skyped her crying, and she was “Oh no, my brother” She supported me the entire time my husband was in jail. When he got out, I had moved to another state, one that my husband wanted to live in so we could get a fresh start. This bitch went back to MY HOME and helped herself to my husband. IN the last 4 years my now ex husband lied to me that she meant nothing to him and that he was trying to get to have his probation moved to our new state. He went to counseling with me and our kids, TOLD OUR KIDS he would be here for them and in the course of his visits, slept with me.

He filed for divorce in April 2015 and then told me he would put it on hold. He visited us 2 more times where he told us that Eva was just his friend, and agreed with our counselor that he would continue into therapy with the hopes of reuniting our family He did not and our divorce want granted against my wishes on Nov ,2015. She knew he had a family and how much I loved him. I am not laying blame totally on her, but she confided in me after another married friend supposedly hit on her that she would never be with a married man as she had been cheated on and knew how it felt. Well..our divorce was final on NOv 10 and he married the bitch on Dec 29. When I found out and called him to confront him, he denied it until I told him I was looking at the bitches wedding pic…So here she is, Eva Fochler Parker, alone in her wedding pic because strangely there are no pics of him with her, and by the way, she was suckered into paying for his arrears child support for his older daughter, and now she is paying my child support, because he is a disabled loser who can work a back breaking community service job for probation, but cant get a real job and support himself or his kids…Good luck to this home wrecking whore!