I went to school with this guy Glenvil, he started talking to me and all he did was use me and get me pregnant and leave. He came out of nowhere and messaged me telling me he liked me. So we hung out and all he did was cost me money saying hes hungry and ask to drink my alcohol I had at home when I wasn’t even trying to drink with him. After he asked to borrow money off me, he blocked me for no reason and ghosted me. I found out I was pregnant not long after and he mislead me telling me he wanted to be around, when really all he was doing was sleeping with other women. I stopped talking to him because all he did was make things about himself like he was the important one, about his surgery and him wanting to be with other women. I had to message his family to tell them I was pregnant and he cared about nothing but himself, AND to get my money back that he borrowed off me. So he gave me my money back and pretended he wanted to be there again, just for him to throw it in my face that he was still seeing other girls. So I got fed up and asked why he even talked to me in the first place if he didn’t have any intentions with me, and he turns it around on me. Saying he told me it was only a one night stand and that he didn’t want a relationship with me. Which he never did tell me, and kept giving me the impression that he wanted to try to be around. So he says he doesn’t care whether I keep the baby or not, leaving me having to pay for his poor decisions. I never would have talked to this guy in school, he is the one who pursued me. All he did was use me and mislead me, leaving me with a kid.