So this girl really thinks she’s hot sht? Okay first off Jasmine is just an overall bad person! This chick really thinks she’s got it made when in reality, she ain’t sht. Chick can barely keep it together. She likes to party and do pepsi, yet acts like mother of the year hahaha she is a liar and a cheater. I feel bad for the new guy “kobe” who leaves town for work while she’s at “their” place cheating on him. But anyone who personally knows jasmine knows about her past relationships. She slept with a guy for a gram of pepsi! Like wow you don’t get any lower than that ? So after that she lost her family! Over a measly gram. So now this new guy Kobe is left in the dark about the real her. I hope he has some sense and leaves before it’s too late. Kobe leaves to work and she’s already trying to meet someone at a bar on west Edmonton. But another thing! She messes around with one of her ex’s still! Sucks that Kobe is going to get stuck with a life long std when he gets back home to her nasty a55. Jizzman, you are seriously one of the nastiest girls in this city. Bitch even had social services called on her more than once! Jizzman, grow up! But hey once a cheater always a cheater. Scum bag ?