the DIRTY Army This 6’2 feet tall thug Julie Juanita Johns cannot pick on someone her own size. She belongs in prison and here’s why. I am writing this on behalf of my good friend to protect her safety. You know the recent breaking news of 7 teens charged with gang assault in Nassau, NY involving the murder of 16 year old Kahseen Morris who was stabbed to death by a group of thugs over jealousy of a female girlfriend. This precisely brings back bad memories that something very similar of this incident took place nearly 30 years ago that got Julie almost expelled from the University. Julie Johns aka “JJ” is known for her violent tendencies is a downright bully. And get this, she’s a counselor working for the UCLA Veterans Resource Center. This is beyond baffling that she’s even a counselor! To this day, she still wants to beat up and physically harm my friend who is only 100 lbs 5 feet petite person. All over a guy name Mark who she and her mean girl partner in crime Kirstin Ostgaard Gill, both were screwing with the same guy. They rather pick on my friend and have her beaten up. Praise Jesus,that did not happen because my friend left the college to transfer to another college. The transfer to another school is what saved her from that potentially dangerous situation and from becoming a victim of gang assault similarly to the Kahseen Morris murder. She didn’t find out until a former boyfriend confessed of Jj’s vicious plans to hurt her. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a post gossiping over my friend and took a screenshot of what JJ posted in the comments on someone’s Facebook page. We could not believe this thug still holds a grudge after nearly 30 years! Over a drd carrying man slore!?!? Really after 30 years and they are in late 40s and 50s now with professional careers, raising a family to be holding that kind of grudge! Had my friend not transferred, who knows if JJ and Kirstin and their groupie friends would have carried out the plan. Julie Juanita Johns may not be locked up like she should. She needs to be EXPOSED for the vile animal that she really is! And the rest of her mean girl groupie should go down with her! Charged and arrested like those 7 teens involved with Morris to the full extend of the law. My friend has never done anything to these animals and the promiscuous whore guy involved were obsessed with was screwing the entire campus. Including men and YET, these cowards want to vilify my innocent friend for it. Julie Johns belongs in prison Nik!