Where to begin with this one, first off he is a cheater, he has cheated several times on several partners, in addition he has slept with married women as well as women in long term relationships.

Lost his virginity to a married co-worker in 2002, and got her pregnant.

Also in 2002 slept with a friend of the above co-worker who was in a long term relationship.

In 2003 got involved with yet another married woman.

In 2005 got married, cheated on his wife in 2007, in 2009 he cheated on her again, and was having sex with his wife and his side girlfriend at the same time.

In 2012 he was having sex with a woman who was in a very long term relationship essentially causing it to break down.

He got married again in 2015, and is still married but he probably has cheated.

He is a true loser with no career and no future, just dead end jobs and crappy personality, he has no quality really to him, total waste of time with this guy.