The Worst Gold Diggers Author – Second post of kaitlyn reiter because she’s the biggest slore I ever dated. I didn’t make that first post about her to make that clear. She went out for her birthday while I was at home with our daughter while she fuked the first guy she seen and got cvmmed in by him. The whole time in our relationship she cheated on me with three different men even asked someone out while dating me. Her and her family gave my daughter lice to the point they were impossible to kill and threw her daughters diapers everywhere but the garbage. I feel bad for what her siblings have to go through with her mom as they can’t even pay bills so there was no heat, powder or water for months and lived in a trailer were the floor was sinking in, my girlfriend is a better mom to my daughter than kaitlyn ever was and she deserves getting kicked out by her abusive ex fiancé she doesn’t deserve getting abused but deserves the fact karma hit her.