This piece of work thinks she’s an interior designer, but is better at home wrecking and flipping of husbands than flipping of houses. From Dallas, Texas to Naples, Florida — she’s on the prowl! Lola White is the mistress of Randy Stuewe, [REDACTED]. She has been a adultress for nearly 10 years. Married & divorced at least 3 times, she just moves on to the next guy who has more to offer. This time to a married man with 2 children who kept her a secret from his entire family. She specializes in getting her nails done, hair extensions and botox & cosmetic procedures. Fake in every way. Bedazzled with expensive jewelry from Mr. Stuewe, she has everything paid for. Drives expensive cars, lives in expensive homes, taken on expensive trips — all on Mr. Stuewe’s dime. Gold digger to the max. Big problem was that all this happened while Mr. Stuewe was still married, so his wife and kids were paying for this floozy to live the high life. And no guilt or remorse. From all accounts Mr. Stuewe chose this high maintenance unit over his wife of over 30 years and 2 great children. He’s a CEO of a public company who was trying to have his family and a mistress on the side at the same time. There’s talk around the company that he has taken her on company trips and passed her off as his wife too. If you see Lola White — BEWARE — she’s pretty comfortable with Mr. Stuewe, but her history suggests she’s ready to move on to her next victim! She’s partial to men with money who don’t mind cheating on their wives and lying to their families. She’s good at living the lie!