This girl is a disgrace. Dishonorably discharged from the US Navy, found by the courts to be unfit to parent her child and completely fine with taking a man who had a family away from his children. No matter how many times he left her to go back to his family she wouldn’t stop calling, texting, sending pictures of herself, offering money and sex, whatever it took to rip him away from his family and back to her track mark covered arms. She doesnt care about the damage she causes or the tears and the heartache the children go through. She happily demands money from the man and has a problem with him seeing or supporting his children. This poor excuse of a woman is selfish, money hungry, drug addicted cry baby who believes her feelings and desires are more important than a boys need for his father. The b1tch has no remorse or morals. She even promised to get rid of her own child if that would bring him back to her.