This loser was my roommate and after what he put me through he deserves to be on here and hopefully woman of sherwood park and Edmonton know the truth! 1) while living here he would talk sht about me, call me down and make fun of me 2) He cheated on his fiance the entire time of him living here and the worst part was she would stay over and we were just put in an awkward position and I wish I spoke up to her face to face but I didnt want to rock the boat at the house. 2) while my parents had a car accident I had to go to BC and he stole from me and my roommate he took our groceries, medications like CBD products and 90 days of adderall. This guy brags about how he fraud the government with money and is the reason why he is bankrupt and he doesn’t even pay child support for his kid when he is suppose too. I told his fiance the truth and if you use pof or tinder and see this guy ask him how his fiance is doing!