Do not be fooled by Matthew Tzagarakis’s charasmatic character. He might sound like he has a head on his shoulders but in reality he’s an emotionally and mentally abusive monster. Practically has gaslighting down to an art, expect to be told all day every day how much he dislikes about you and how much you meed to fix for him. Expect to be controlled down to the very vocabulary you use. He’s a fan of corporal punishment as well. Will he ever buy you dinner? HARD NO. NOT EVER. Will he ask YOU to buy him dinner? SEVERAL TIMES OVER! And don’t think you’ll be spared if you’re a single mother. He will take advantage of every angle. He will ask to eat all your kids food and then proceed to act personally offended if you say no, shouting about his “entitlement”. Yes, he WILL tell you he is entitled to your things. But don’t dare wag a finger in disapproval; he’ll make sure to destroy all your friendships so that you have no where to turn to. No one wants to be emotionally beaten and crying while their lover sits at a computer for 10+ hours a day playing online games. And after all is said and done, qhen you have nothing left to give (aka he ran you broke) he’ll leave you too. He won’t ever use a condom, and his self proclaimed tally of sloots he fuked (not including himself) is over 100. Also he will never pay you back. Just think about that, Matthew Tzagarakis.