This woman Monica J. Solis chose to be my husband’s saviour from a marriage that was currently going through trials with my breast cancer diagnosis and us raising grand children. Apparently he felt a little neglected because he wasn’t getting all the attention. She took advantage of this by praising him at work and offering a friendship that he didn’t see coming. She comforted him at work, after work and then starting inviting him over to “visit”, which then ended up sexual. She seduced him for about 6 months, had me blocked on his Facebook account so I wouldn’t know of her existence. The truth finally came out. He moved in with her for one week and realized he had made a huge mistake. He is home now and we are working on rebuilding our marriage. She finally got the hint and is leaning us alone. She made sure she told me all about their sex life and posted most of it on Facebook for the world to see too. This was not her first marriage to ruin. As you can see by all her names, she gets around! Married men in San Angelo, beware!!!! She is very sneaky and has you hooked in her evil before you know it!