Kenneth John Zukowski AKA Carl Newton is the apitamy of LOW LIFE SCUMLORD. Him and his Wife were ONLY renting the rooming house {REDACTED} but had been posing as the owners to potential boarders and for 1 FULL YEAR not only did these complete losers not pay their own rent but they also collected rent from each of their borders (people they sublet the rooms to) every month and and banked all of the cash in order to pay for a down payment on their new home in Penticton B.C. not to mention paying off their debts to their Heroin dealers due to their secret needle injecting addiction! This computer geek turned needle junkie even pulled a knife out on 1 boarder for not sharing his H with him. It’s even said that Ken faked having cancer in order to gain the trust of certain people and organizations. THESE TWO FRAUDULENT FREAKS NEED TO BE HOT CAPPED or at least exposed for their bad action movements here in Edmonton before running and hiding out in their new home (paid for by the government funded drug addicted ppl in which they preyed on) in Penticton! Be careful around these two they will steal EVERYTHING from you then make up fake documents and spread ugly rumors about you and threaten to frame you as a form of black mail to make sure you won’t expose them these individuals are sick and twisted and only their mother’s can love them LITERALLY. There is a law suit against Ken aka Carl and he is looking at quite a bit of time behind bars but he has done Pen time before in the edmonton max and not on a GP unit so he should be fine….. hey that explains the hide out shit he’s pulling off in Penticton!