This homewrecking journalist/producer from Lawton, OK doesn’t mind talking starting up a relationship with a married man with kids and a pregnant wife. She was called out multiple times by the wife and other people. Her reason is “she likes to get the wife mad”. She digs in deep with her claws. It started as flirtation then constant messaging, calls, and taking pic and videos even while watching their kid. He didnt want it to stop. She planned everything from meeting up on a secret rondevous to planning to run away together and take his kids from his wife. She calls his kids hers and tries to put down rules. Even wanting his son to call her mommy. But when confronted she puts the wife down saying that,” shes the reason hes un-happy or suicidal. She should just let him be” But when she is told to come get him and his stuff She simply replies she doesnt want him like that she just wants to see how far she can push it and how mad she can make his wife. She does nothing but send nudes to him day and night. When his wife tried to talk to this homewreckers husband she blocked her everyway possible. Told her to leave her husband out of it shes not leaving him. The wife stays home all day with the kids and her husband keeps telling her to not get a job and stay home that she doesnt need one. But then he tells her he cannot choose between his wife hes been with for 5 years and this chick that he has seen maybe a few times. She gets a joy out of destroying lives of anyone that is around these guys she fishes for. She isnt just ruining a relationship but a family, shes ruining these kids lives making their mommy cry and upset because she feels worthless. When women should lift each other up this homewrecker just crashes everything around her.