Susie McNees Greathouse…while living with her devoted fiancé, allegedly initiated at least one affair with a married man, encouraging him to leave his wife, and on at least 3 occasions, allegedly gave the married man condomless fellatio in a chain restaurant parking lot with an DRD positive mouth, not disclosing her DRD status…and even once allegedly brought the unknowing fiancé lunch home afterwards. She allegedly had no intention of actually running away with the married man, it appears, and it also allegedly is said that she had no intention of marrying her fiancé, who now allegedly knows about everything and has left her…could it be that maybe Susie gets some sort of warped sense of self worth out of trying to steal taken men? One person close to Greathouse, is said to have uttered, upon learning of her infidelity, ‘Well, Susie just likes the d1ck’. Could this be true? Allegedly, you can find her trolling the pages of Facebook and Instagram, flirting with multiple men at a time…allegedly.