Tamba Powoe Loves to Cum in bitches and not take care of the children READ READ READ This dead beat of a father Has 2 Children from 2 Different women (I’m one) he got pregnant couple weeks apart he constantly brags of how much of a good dad he is when realistically he’s a dead beat he likes to show the world how much his children “mean to him” but will never move mountains for them Even if that’s just buying a box of diapers!! He’s suppose to take his daughter every second weekend he rather spend it with his MURKED A55 Ugly As55Girlfriend, Melanie Vogel ! He started dating her maybe 2 months ago but I’m still sucking and fuking it !!!!! He claims he loves her so much and how she’s such a nice girl and she’s so innocent but really the B*cth is just stupid witch he loves Soon enough hunny you will realize Why I’m A EX! He constantly cheats on her !!! He owns a contraction Company Callled L.I.B CONTRACTING, Careful also because he will rip you off! His whole company is based off fraud! He’s A scum Bag I’ve been supporting this piece of sh1ts for one to many years now. Whenever he needed something I jumped for him, when times in need came he was no where to be found if he was found of course he’s broke and has so many bills he needs to pay and how he’s so in debt. That’s YOUR Debt That should not stop the fact of not being able to support your child !!! he’s a worthless human. He currently had custody of his older son , 3 witch he claims he can raise but only Feeds the poor child Rice all day !!!!! The mother of this child also wants visitations witch he refuses to give he has also told me himself he is basically brain washing him to hate his mom! Aka Cheyenne Lallonde! I can’t even stress how much this guy deserves to rot in hell!!! If you love your children so much SHOW IT!! Talking all the smack on social media does not prove anything!!! Anytime I try to confront him about the truth he lashes out in anger and claims he’s Calm and is trying not to do something he’s gonna regret he constantly threatens me with social workers !! CALL THEM ALREADY !!! He’s beyond stupid Clearly wasn’t raised with respect for women all your teaching your daughter is that it’s ok for men to treat her like that !!! Karmas a bitch soon enough you will get what’s coming!!!