Okay well I’m making a post on this site because this man TAYLOR MCDOUGALL is scum!! We hooked up a few times this man is MARRIED!! I had no idea now I go to the dr and find out he’s given me drd’s!!!! So I need to put this man on blast. This man has a very big drug problem he stole a ring that my dead mother gave me and traded it for Pepsi! I want this man to learn his lesson I would love to find his wife but unfortunately I don’t have her name.. he is a lying drug addict!! He steals from his construction company and trade the items for drugs or hits up the closest pawn show! He works for a small home builder in Edmonton Alberta!! Please don’t let this man do this to anyone every agian I’m sure his company would love to know he steals from them and uses drugs on there job sites daily!! That man is a PIG!! and deserves to be PUT ON BLAST ALL AROUND THE CITY OF EDMONTON! I’m sure his friends and family will catch wind of this and I hope this CHEATING SCUMBAG gets what he deserves! He’s on Craigslist every day praying on younger girls offering money for sex! In the picture I posted he is the taller gentleman. Please share this as much as possible so this mans family friends and employers see this !!! Good luck TAYLOR MCDOUGALL