Terra relentlessly pursued a married father in the workplace for 1 1/2 years. She knew he had a young family and nothing stopped her from: having sex in parking lots, sex at conferences, doing sex acts in his office, chasing him on a cross country work trip to Ottawa, taking sick time so they can spend time alone in her home, forcing him to choose her over his family, and introducing him to her family. She didn’t want her own children, but had no qualms about destroying someone else’s family and irreversibly hurting young children. He is equally – and more – culpable for their long standing work affair, although she showed no remorse, restraint nor concern over the damage she did. She focused solely on her own needs and desires. When he ended the relationship, she threatened to expose their 18 month affair to his wife. Again, it was all about her needs. To wrecklessly damage a family, knowingly pursue a married man, and show no remorse about her actions suggests fundamental flaws that do not make her safe around any men in any work setting.