, I have some dirt on William Jones. He was mentioned on The Dirty when he started dating Holly Klionsky aka Edmonton stripper Barbie Hollywood. She was made out to be a bimbo who lured him in with her fake look, telling him she’s a good girl and wants to get out of stripping. That clearly wasn’t true, she’s still a stripper to this day. William was made out to be a stupid, naive boy who fell for her tricks, but William isn’t so innocent himself. Here’s the dirt: William had multiple affairs with both male and female partners. He posted ads on Craigslist and other similar sights looking for an older male partner. On January 3, 2018 he posted “29 years old. Bi more bottom sub with a guy. Like to please an older daddy type. Fit smooth amazing a55 and with my mouth but little experience very tight hole! Pics attached very clean discrete.” How fuked up is that? William cheated on Holly since they got together in 2014. She’d work late at the strip club every night, meanwhile he’d be at home doing the dirty with other men and women in Holly’s house. Even more fuked up is that he proposed to her, and continued cheating on her. They recently called off their engagement, probably because he got sloppy and got caught. Everyone thinks they broke up because William wanted her to quit stripping and get a real job, but in reality, he’s a closet fag who likes to get fuked in the ass by older men. I feel bad for her. ——————————————— MY EX IS NOW DATING BARBIE HOLLYWOOD {REDACTED}