Alanna Rae loves to fight like a ghetto chick. She acts like she’s hard as f*ck, but in reality, shes a crybaby. She beefs anyone she can and posts all about it on Instagram and Snapchat. All her dirty laundry is aired on social media. Does this girl not know the meaning of being private? She got into beef with this girl and begged her to come through and fight, then cried that the girl actually showed up with a bunch of chicks! They pulled out half her hair and Alanna posted it all on Snapchat. Same day she got evicted because she likes to throw parties and destroy her place and be a nuisance. She’s banned from Prive for fighting a girl and posted it on Snapchat like it’s something to be proud of. She repeatedly tells people to kill themselves when shes beefing them online. I hope for Alanna’s sake she stops being like this. Its not cute