This guy takes the cake for pieces if sh1t in Edmonton. He dated my friend and played it off like he was the good guy. I watched her fall head over heals for mr.right. Few months in she’s shutting out everyone that loves her. Acting different. Became highly addicted to drugs.. He is one of the bigger time drug dealers in Edmonton. And very dangerous. Likes to use his guns and money and connections to make people fear him.. Our friend had a gay best friend and he was so worried he was cheating on her he threatened to have him killed… Finally him and our friend broke up and we find out he was cheating on her all the time. Sleeping with her cousin. Would go as far as being sweet to our friend then telling her she was disgusting and worthless and to kill her self. Even now he continues to play games with her and make her feel on top of the world then breaks her again. We were out with her and he came and gave her a huge hug. Then proceeded to grab other girls asses and stare right at her. From what I’ve heard he is now dating multiple young 19 year old girls. (He’s 24) and the same things happening to them. Beware of this guy ladies. He comes off as perfect but we don’t want to see more people ruined by this guy.