This is a mentally unstable person, he knocks up many women, beats them, emotionally abuses them, mentally abuses them, sexually abuses them, verbally abuses them and financially abuses them. He doesn’t take care of his kids at all, he abuses kids, animals, women, he isn’t right in his head. Growing up be sexually abused his own siblings, his parents are just as fuked up as he is as well. He needs to be put on here so women don’t fall for him. I don’t know how he charms these women but he does and I don’t see it but he’s sick. He cheats on every women he’s ever ever been with. Don’t let him into your life ladies if he knocks you up he will ruin your life. He’s always in and out of jail, he’s been in a mental hospital, doctors have deemed him untreatable. Stay far away ladies. He goes by Romeo lots as he doesn’t like his name, he even goes by other names I’ve been told like Jay I do believe. Anyways here he is ladies