This lovely piece of art here is Alexandra Morin she’s from Brownfield, TX and she slept with my now ex-fiance a handful of times knowing he was with me and while she was with her now ex-boyfriend! She tried to get him to stay by saying she was pregnant and she really wasn’t even though she has a kid already with the father no where in sight! When her ex-left her for a new girl who happens to be someone I know, not well but by acquaintances she went as far as moving to the town of levelland where her ex and new girl lived and goes and stalks his now wife at her job! Not only that she goes as far as keeping herself close to her ex’s family trying to get them to get him back with her! She not only is a HOMEWRECKER obviously she has a kid no baby dad ruined my relationship and is now trying to ruin her ex’s because he found out about her, she’s even talking to married men in Levelland and her ex’s friends so ladies be warned this ones out there on the hunt for the next guy to support her and her kid!