This girl Alisha Mathis is the lowest of all. I’ve been with my fiancé for over 4 years. I’ve stood by him the whole time he was in and out or prison. I put hundreds of dollars on his books, bought his clothes, and now even a car. She finds little holes to creep in like a rat. He is a married man. She spends her days twisting the meth pipe and shooting it in her veins. She’s had multiple felonies on her record. She lies and says she doesn’t talk to him and denies letters and phone calls. It’s all a lie for some reason. She has a child that I feel sorry for. She cares more about a man that doesn’t belong to her. I’m with his family every holiday and every Sunday at church. She’s never even met his family. She will never be excepted and he will never choose her. He always stays with the one girl that provides for him, protects him for the toxic people like her, and takes him to church every chance she gets. ME… HIS WIFE!!! Alisha sneaks and lies. She a dope wh@*e who only cares for herself. She doesn’t even care about her daughter. If she did, she would stop with my husband and quit the dope. It’s so incredibly sad. His family and I work so hard to get him in a great place, and she comes back when everything is right and destroys it. All I can do is pray that God shows him the right path. Pray that the Lord takes this demon out of our lives. I even pray for her daughter. That beautiful little girl deserves a drug free family to raise her. Alisha is a lost cause. Keep your men far away from her. She’ll destroy your life and your family.