This homewrecker was a friend or so she claimed. She was an ex of my husband and ended up be friending me and so on. We ended up having kids and so did she so I never thought there would be something going on. Until I went through his emails and found her messaging him through a fake profile named mary janeo. She begged him to go over and see her and said how much she missed him and loved him. As I kept going through them I saw she had him over and they had sex! Claiming how great it was since it was. A while since she had sex ( which I doubt) she still talked to me like nothing ever happened until I confronted her. She pretended nothing ever went on claiming she hadn’t talked to him in a long time clearly I took pictures of every single message she sent.

I put her ads on blast and she thinks there was nothing ever wrong with doing that. This whore will get her karma with those two daughters of hers. Might I add she has some type of disease that doesn’t allow her to have natural births. Nasty bitch!