This here everyone is Amber Wirun/Laperle she is the biggest lier and manipulator you will every meet , she will take you for whatever you got and definitely will not think twice about it. She has used me and many other people, to get what she wants and trust me when I say there will be lots more of us MEN the she comes after she will play the victim and cry to all her friends and family acting like she did nothing wrong and it was all us but in all reality she pushes all of us and drives us to the point where she makes us crazy and insane, but don’t you worry once Amber needs something again she will come bagging for you back. She is very used up downstairs with her hanging curtains don’t like her looks trick you she is the Edmonton train and everyone has jumped on for a ride or too, Amber it’s time to grow up and act your age get your sh1t together and be a real mother that your child needs not bringing a new guy around every-other day.