Amy Peña is the biggest homewrecker. She work at wonton food corp. Apperantly her boyfriend is not enough for her. She had to come mess up a relationship of 10 years, we have 3 children 7, 5, 4 month old. I installed hoverwatch on his phone and this woman is like I seen your girls pichures last night and then she added a 🙁 at the end. My pictures are all from my newborn baby with me and my husband holding him or doctor visits pich and stuff with our children. I have confronted her many times. She says they are just friends. Well that is pretty nasty to text your friend how to you feel when you see my boyfriend pichures, after she felt sad at looking at my Facebook. I went to the job and ran inside, I could not get to her, but I screamed amy is a hoe loud so everyone can know what kind of special friend she is.

Her boyfriend who she had a child with cheats on her all the time so I am sure she is just a lonely person and is willing to get exposed than stop trying to stop it. She even got a second phone with a new number because I already knew her old number and disconnected rights away when I found the new messeges. I have the screen shots of the messeges and if she don’t leave. I am sending them to everyone she knows. Be a mom not a homewrecker Amy.