This is a crack whore named Amy Sires and she’s from Lampasas, TX. This isn’t the first time either she came between me and my husband. The first time happened over 5 years ago when she worked at Wal-Mart and gave him the sob story her boyfriend was beating her up. (this bitch is married) my husband and I were pregnant she told him it was a lie and I was only trapping him. I had to test twice infront of him to prove I was to get her off our backs. He ended up going to prison for 5.5 years (she caused me to miscarry at 4.5 months and then told everybody at work I had an abortion) surprising things started to get a little better or so I thought week I was wrong.

He gets out Oct 16. 2015 and I find out he’s kept In contact with her off and on the whole time and she’s told him I’ve been seeing other men and staying at other mens homes. He believes her yet again. She had wrecked my family once again. Stay clear. Shell take your man too she’s also done this to another girl named Niki. But I’ve got one thing she’ll NEVER give him. I’ve got his daughter.