Angie (home wrecker) works at a prison near Kenedy, TX. She is one of those women that hunt down oil men in that area. She saw my husband at a gas station and approached him with small talk. One thing led to another and she invited him to her nasty hotel room! I’m not excusing my husband one bit!! But these oil guys are out there away from their families and these women know a lot of them are weak. My husband is a good man! We’ve been through hell and back to heal our marriage… but this trash is still on the prowl. She even had her son contact me via FB! Low blow! She was sneaking around sending messages with”code words” So it was NOT her first rode. It all backfired and my husband was devastated at what he had done. Even after he told her to stop messaging and calling, she was trying all she could… She even sent me a detailed text of what she had done to and with my husband! Nasty trash thought she had landed an oil man with a big paycheck… little did she know! Just beware of her and others just like her. They prey on oilfield men especially!