Anna Heinrich served her country & a group of men while deployed in 2015. She was faithful to her husband for the first part of her deployment but she couldn’t help keep those legs closed & started screwing men in her company even married ones. She admitted to f#*king 6 men while deployed but in the court martial she only gave the names of a warrant officer & his room mate who was her Sgt. She kept up the affair with her Sgt. once they returned. Their affair started in June 2015 with the first time they had sex in his office while deployed. They also had sex by the post office area while in Kuwait late at night (so classy right). Right before they were getting on the plane to come home to their other halves they decided to have sex one last time before boarding the plane. They found an empty tent & had sex. But this wasn’t going to be the last time. Once getting home & getting their phones set back up they began messaging & calling one another as soon as they left their sleeping partners at home in the morning before PT. They continued this game of grab a$$ & secret rendezvous’ for several months. They both talked about leaving their other halves. He promised to kick his gf out of the house she set up & took care of while he was deployed. Anna’s plan was to take her son & leave her husband & move in with her Sgt. She even brought her son to work & took pictures of her Sgt. holding her son. They had sex in her Sgt’s car during lunch one day & she left bobby pins in the car for his gf to find. Her & the Sgt. photographed at the army ball had sex in his office a few days prior to the photo being taken. They even sat next to one another at the ball with their other halves who were in the dark about their affair. This was also the night she came clean to her husband because she didn’t like seeing the man she “loved” (Sgt. Gutowski) with the woman he claimed to “love”. If you recognize this woman in your husband’s unit beware as she has no morals or self respect. Way to serve your country!