So here we have Andreia Ribeiro. I met this freakshow off Bumble dating app and was immediately appalled at how frail and thin she was. We decided to meet at a diner and have lunch. I saw her come into the diner and was instantly blown away at her condition. She is bulimic and likes to throw up her food after she eats. I watched her scarf down a hot dog and then immediately dismiss herself to the washroom where she spent a good 10 minutes (possibly making herself puke). When she came back to the table her breath smelled of vomit and there was pieces of hot dog wiener on her shirt. I was so grossed out I had to make an excuse to get the fuk out of there. Someone get this woman some help. Not to mention our conversation consisted of her talking about her 3 kids and two baby daddies and all the failed dates she has had on Bumble. This woman needs serious mental help.