Low class. Man child. Sadistic and twisted. Sleeps w/ everything and anything. Multiple girls leaving his house weekly constantly enticing one of them to stay. Hides the girls in his phone by saving them under the names of men so puts them aside after he charms them into falling for him they’ll look like a stalker. Whatta a great storyline. He’ll tell you how all his ex’s are crazy and how he was a victim. Lives by the motto “get in, hop on and hold on tonight” that he has framed right above his bed. He thinks putting up laser beams and black lights in his bedroom really sets the mood too and will distract you from the awful site of a 300 pound man with women’s clothing om. Hell have his own DJ sets that he’s recorded too when you walk thru the doors and constantly make comments about how awesome of a DJ he is. HeS 43 and thinks he’s cool living for the weekend and for the rave charming women. Hell spend his money at adult source or hush instead of paying his bills.