Meet Tony Donohue . Narcissist man child ✔️ Weird fantasies ✔️ Dirty ✔️ Liar ✔️ Cheater ✔️ Womanizer ✔️ Emotionally debilating ✔️ Femdom and porn Addict ✔️ Trannies ✔️ Don’t fall for this guy charm because it’s all smoke and mirrors. Everything that comes out of his pathetic man slo’re mouths is a twisted version of the truth. He will say anything to get you into his bed so he get inside your head. His home is disgusting. Smells like rotten garbage yet he problaims he is a neat freak. they’ll be old bowls of cereal and wrappers and stains on the floor, emptied chip bags and towels everywhere and he says that it’s his kid. He has cameras set up outside his house because he thinks people want what he has. I guess that is what sleep does to you. The stupider you are, the easier you are for him to keep around. Hell never wear a condom and Has given a few girls an DRD and when they have confronted him he blocks them or blackmails then. He gets other people to do his dirty work so he doesn’t look like the bad one. This dirt bag constantly talks bad about his friends and even his own child. He constantly talks about his kid using it to get sympathy with all the women he’s has over. . He a pro at creating huge lies where he’ll always come out on the top. He’s constantly play victim and women seem to always be the crazy ones. You’d think for a club owner he would be rich too but he seems to think he doesn’t need to pay his bills and after years of parting he’s lost a few brain cells so now he’s left with not even a bank account. Who’s a loser? This guy.