please allow the world to know yet again as I see she was previously posted in 2015. Not much has changed except now miss Ashleigh Jenkins will try to turn your man into a junkie just like herself. She will try to take your place and think she has a chance with your man; meanwhile, he’s coming home to his wife every night. He’s telling his wife how downright sketchy and f**king ugly she is. She had no decency to tell the wife she was interested, needing so much attention, because the wife would have kindly told her she could have him. She prefers meth now that she can’t afford the Pepsi anymore. This girl Ashleigh will pass around DRDs to every man she touches, which is almost just as many as Brittany Jenkins brings home every night from bodiddlys. Brittany is Ashleigh’s twin. I’m sure you get the picture, Edmonton. These twins are USED HEADS THAT WILL SUCK GREG FOR METH & FENTANYL WHILE SPREADING DRD’s.