I’d love it if you could take the time to warn the wonderful people of Edmonton about this drd spreading waste on society. Ashleigh loves pretending shes shy , and a good girl ,but this is far from what Ashleigh is like living her day to day life. Ashleigh loves to steal from malls , because her monthly alberta works cheque (that she pulls fraud to recieve) isnt a whole lot for a junkie to get high and live off of. Ashleigh doesnt work, or go to school , she would rather stay up until 4:00am high on meth posting selfies hoping those likes will magically carry her through life, she loves smoking meth with her mother Sarah Jenkins , and twin Brittany Smith-Jenkins But i mean when you were born addicted to oxy’s and than raised by a crack smoking mother i guess your chances were failed upon you to begin with in life . Anyways Edmonton keep your wallets close by if this messy grimey slore is around , she loves to steal, she loves to get her paws on mens money, leaving them drds and she loves her meth . Ash – Dont you think its time to grow up and become something in life? stop wishing you were 10 and mommy and daddy were still together ,paying for your hockey girl , its time to be a adult in the real world. where people work, and pay bills, something you know nothing about.