So it all started when my fiancé worked out at the chemical plant. They flirted and exchanged numbers. She sent him nude photos and had phone sex with him while I was out of town. She claimed to not know about us only that we were “separated” but When I was of town to see family she had the nerve to have sex in my home and in my bed. We have children together and pictures all over the place. After I found out, I confronted her. She lied about any accusations and then continued having sex with him for 7 months before and after work. After I caught him again, he moved in with her. As you know the honeymoon stage didn’t last long and he came running back. Beware of the women working out at the chemical plants. They are looking for any attention possible. Young, dumb, insecure, self centered, girls are everywhere but some actually enjoy being number 2.