I would like to keep this anonymous. I am posting this for my friend. Her husband of 17 years started working out at the gym hardcore and began, what my friend thought was a friendship with a couple that works out at the same gym. He would come home and tell my friend all kinds of stories about this couple and their lives and would make comments like, you should meet them and so on. Fast forward a few months. My friend became pregnant with their second child and her husband became a little distant. She thought maybe it was all in her head. Shortly after her baby was born, they decided to take a trip out of state to visit family and show off their new baby. While on vacation, my friends oldest daughter was playing with her dads phone and came across some pictures and test messages her dad had from another women. My friends daughter told my friend what she found and she confronted her husband. This is where the elaborate stories begin. Her husband told her that the couple had an open marriage and that the women likes to flirt but it was all innocent. My friend told her husband that he needed to stop talking to them altogether and to start going to the gym at a different time. Soon after getting back home from vacation, all hell broke loose. My friend discovered that her husband was having an affair with this women and it began just a few weeks before she gave birth to their baby. Her husband tried to deny it, only giving her half truths. Telling her that this women meant nothing and that he wanted their marriage to work. My friend filed for divorce but they still live in the same house currently. He tells my friend daily that he wants her to stop the divorce and he will end things with the other women. My friend knows that is a lie. She sees the phone records and hears the voicemails they send each other. My friend would like it to be known that this women will not stop for anything. This women has already destroyed her marriage and doesn’t care that she has helped destroy another. My friend isn’t divorced yet and this women is already making plans for her future father-in-laws inheritance.