This nasty thing Ashley Keesee came into my life literally 2 weeks after me and my husband got married. Me and my husband have a joint FB account and there was a message that went into our spam folder. I check that folder periodically and saw a message from this HOMEWRECKER asking me if I knew where my “husband” was at when he was not at home with me.

There was also a message from one of her friends asking me the same question. I immediately accepted the request and went to message her and her friend back but didn’t get a response. Mind you it was 2 in the morning. My husband was sleeping peacefully next to me and I couldn’t just let it go so I woke him up and demanded answers. At the time he claimed to not know who these girls were. We fought till early in the morning and he ended up leaving to go stay at his moms for a few days an hour away. Later that morning while at work I logged onto our cell phone account and searched his call logs and texts and immediately saw a phone # that obviously stood out. There were hundreds of calls, texts, picture texts sent during work hours and late nights but they stopped a few days before our wedding. Trusting my gut I text the # and my suspicions were confirmed. It was this nasty thing. I was nice and first and wanted answers so we had a pretty lengthy text conversation and then eventually a phone call and she told me that she was sorry and that she knew nothing about me. She said my husband (fiancé at the time) and her met a few months ago and they started having sex and meeting at her house a few times a week. She lives with her dad. She told me he never took her out, never spent any money on her and she became suspicious of him b/c she thought she was the only one. She did her own detective work and found our FB page. She confronted him on it and he did in fact tell her we were engaged and she apparently told him that she wanted nothing to do with him. A few days later she ended up contacting me that first time b/c she felt that I should know. Ok, so the blame was on my husband at that time. I was livid and confronted him about her with her on 3 way but he continued to claim that he did not know her that way. I put him out of our house and he stayed gone for 3 weeks. Not how I intended to spend the first month of our marriage. Finally, I get somewhat of a confession from him. He didn’t say that he slept with her but he did acknowledge that he knew her and told me that he met her thru a friend and she was the one perusing him. I asked about all the calls and texts and he told me that his friend would use her phone all the time and he was contacting the friend. I’m not stupid. I agreed to work things out with him and he changed his # and he knew that I would check the phone logs periodically. He started sharing his location thru his phone at all times too. Well, once the trust is gone, it’s very hard to get back. I found out where she worked (Waffle House) and one night after my husband and I and some friends went out we all ended up at the Waffle House and she was our waitress! It was funny watching my husband squirm but she didn’t even bring anything up. I’ve found out some info on her and come to find out this chick has multiple kids and multiple baby daddies and she has lost custody to all of them b/c she’s a meth head. She’s been in and out of jail for drugs, and fraud and all other kinds of stuff. I don’t know what the heck my husband saw in this piece of trash. Fast forward to early August. A week before me and my husband and our family are about to take a family vacation, this chick starts messaging me and telling me that my husband is not as faithful as I’d like to think. She proceeded to tell me how she was pregnant and it may or may not be his but she is not going anywhere. I showed my husband the messages and he flat out told her that she was crazy and she needed to leave us alone. He wanted nothing to do with her. She wouldn’t let up. She kept contacting me and telling me how she was with my husband recently. I asked her for proof like texts between them, or pics and she always said she would send them but she never did. If in fact he did hook up with her AFTER she found out about me, then she’s nothing but a HOMEWRECKER. I know it takes 2 but this chick just loves drama. She’s always getting done dirty by all these guys b/c of what she is. Ladies if your married, BEWARE of this trash. She will stop at nothing! Me and my husband have moved past all of this and our relationship is on the mend.