Let me just tell you about Ashley Zettler…she whines and goes on and on about how men will not be good to her…guess why? Because you spread your legs and entertain men who are in committed relationships-that’s why. This one acted like she was my friend and behind my back she was talking all sorts of plans to sleep with my man–then she did, all the while remaining my “friend”. After confronted she tried to deny it and she still kept both of us as friends on her social media…why? You wanna check in on us to see how times are going? Times are horrible! I feel like everything with him that I thought was magic was a big fat lie…just like you. I can’t wait until this publishes so I can put the link on my facebook so I can tag you in it. Thanks Ashley…I appreciate you ravaging my relationship because you can’t get one of your own. He never was going to leave me for you, you’ve always just been an easy piece to him…and I’m sure to so many others as well. Might wanna change your methods there sister and pick up some morals and values then you won’t just get used for meaningless sex.