This old lady has been trying to break up my husband and I. He rented a room from her until our house was ready. On the day we were signing our lease she decided to send me a message telling me they were in a relationship. She even said he was happy with her and not me. Lmao. When I didn’t take the bait like she wanted, she got mad and started trying to insult me. Calling me a thirsty wife. My husband and I have work things out but shes doesn’t seem to be happy about that, since she continues to spread lies. She even went as far as to pretend to be a man texting my husbands phone trying to hook up with me. Trying to make him think I was cheating on him. That was a funny game she tried to play. We knew it was her because whoever this person was didn’t know anything about me other than what I look like. Lmao. I’ve tried to let it go and not seek revenge on this physico but she keeps pushing.