Different job every month! Spends his last $20 on drugs. He’s got two children from a previous relationship which neither him or the birth mom have, his mom has had them for 3.5-4 years now I think. He is extremely verbal abusive to his own mother who takes fabulous care of his children. He don’t pay child support ever, tells her she’s a stupid cunt whenever she don’t send him money. Can’t handle having his own kids for a weekend without calling the poor lady to come get them. Let’s talk bout the crazy b1tch gf! She’s as two faced as his step grandma! She’s a liar, cheat, lazy bitch. She treats his kids like sh1t. She treats his mother like crap. For all his mom does for her she will cut her down as soon as her back is turned. Horrible ppl these two are! Be careful ppl!