Meet Austin Minogue, the fall down father, lover and failure in life! I have been waiting for the day his ex left this douche bag! Not only did he beat her her whole pregnancy while she was pregnant with their child but he stole from her, destroyed their homes. Kicked in their doors, lived off his baby mom for years and when she would try to leave him he would either physically hurt her or pretend to kill himself over her! This guy has never had a stable job in his life. Never once paid a cent for his child and when the ex left him for the last time he tells her he has no kids!!! He’s scum!! His own family can’t stand him. There’s even a Facebook group named people who despise Austin minogue. This ugly fuck thinks he’s so hot and is so much better then everyone else. He makes fun of people all the time yet he’s the one sitting there spinning the bat every chance he gets. Taking off on his family to do drugs with money his grandma lent him for groceries for his kids! Not that his family is any better, they are a bunch of heartless pricks also lol. His dads a straight drunk who doesn’t remember shit. His moms to good for nothing. She only cares about her young kids. Didn’t even give 2 shits about her grand child because apparently she was to young to be a grandma, then there’s the aunt pam who can hardly walk she’s so fat. No wonder she can’t keep a job but she has no issues running that flabby mouth to everyone thinking her cheap ass is better then everyone else. And there’s the grandma who thinks Austin is this Angel kid and kisses his ass because she’s scared Austin will kill himself like her son did and Austin knows this and milks his family like they are idiots. But don’t feel bad for Austin. He’s not as bomb as he leads on. He may be stupid on paper but he knows how to fuck people over. Maybe instead of worrying about someone loving you because your so “unloved” and had such s bad life even though you really didn’t you should go back to school and learn some basic math and maybe take a anger class. Learn how to respect woman. Or be like your father and let your daughter think about you the way you think about sure father as she grows up. Seems fitting because you don’t deserve that little girl anyways!