This sweetheart of a girl. so my good friend falls hard for this girl a couple of months back. she teases him a bit and then says she is “his girl”. he spends every waking minute entertaining and pleasing her. and suddenly , a day or two before their planned date to the state fair, she changes her plans. over the next few days, she convinces him it is all his fault, and dumps him. he is heartbroken. he had chased this girl since highschool. and like that, she dumps him. so i get pissed off and do a little snoopiing. it turns out, snooping on her is like following a tornado acorss country. in the past 3 years she has ruined a married mans family. a family she was BABYSITTING for their newborn. seduced the father, had him leave the wife,, and when the father realizwes his mistake and tries to go home, she threatens suicide and to flood the internet with embarassing pictures.. sounds like he stayed until he couldnt anymore. so she runs off to another state one night, and accuses a service member there, that she had been penpals with all along, of raping or assaulting her. a military man she had grown up with!! she comes back to texas and tries to use THIS story to get married man back. he falls for it again, and before she can marry him, he wises up and runs. so the past few months it has been all internet for her. faceook romances and all. until she ropes my friend, breaks his heart, and then leaves him, and DAYS later is online poosting about”we cant wait to see what our future holds” with this new guy she replaced my friend with, named logan zedlitz. all the while talking about Jesus and god and marriage and commitment. she needs commited to a mental hospital!! and men need to run from her!! we think she has p[robablly been with at least 3-4 men inthe last month..all of them thinking they are “the one”. pleasee stop her!! get the word out!