She was warned about Michael Nigro that he has a gf but didn’t listen so here we are once again these home wrecking skanks should learn that this man isn’t to be trusted he has drds and cheats to many times I have had enough of his escapades and he will always come back to me if he’s dating someone else he will always let you down no matter what he only uses women and he also steals and abuses women I know this from experience I have witnesses that are my family who wouldn’t lie so I tell you once more stay away from him he’s nfg and he’s taken his actions never match his words and hey she doesn’t have class goes on plenty of fish cause she can’t find a man she has to pick one who is already taken he cheated on me with her while I was in jail when he does wrong he hacks my Facebook which leads me to there homes that’s how I find out where they all live so stay away from him if u don’t want to be put in the dirty