The Worst Gold Diggers Author – So this long nosed demon of a woman the owner of classy claws goes out with my homie and steal’s this guys stuff like how desperate you got to be to steal a lv shirt like especially one I gifted to him on his birthday and now she won’t give any of his things back because I’m 100 percent sure this girl went after my boy to get nice things because the idiot flaunts that sh1t way too much and I always tell him they all want the life they can never have, it’s definitely a lesson learned for him stay away from brown girls from the east side they are on some other sh1t over there and from what his truck smelled like the next day I don’t think there downstairs is that clean either it smelled like Richmond fish market on a hot sunny Sunday morning and I legit thinks she wants to fuk his mom i told him from the beginning she looks like trouble and she definitely eats out 🤪